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What Really Makes a Successful Bodyguard?

Thanks to Hollywood film dramatisation, the general public typically holds several stereotypical ideas of what makes a successful bodyguard and way they should behave. As top providers of security services in Malta, we’re here to break the stereotypes and share what really makes a great bodyguard!


1. Being in it for the right reasons

First and foremost, as in the case of most other professions, being passionate about what you do and being in it for the right reasons will make all the difference. If you’re passionate about protecting people and keeping them safe, that’s a great start.


2. Focus

With all the distractions you may face on the job, it is crucial to stay alert and focused. A single moment of distraction may have a high cost. Be ready for long and awkward hours where you must remain alert and vigilant throughout to keep your pledge to protect clients at all times.


3. Discipline

Being a good bodyguard requires professionalism and knowing one’s boundaries. This could mean a range of things, such as not getting too friendly with clients, abstaining from alcohol while on shift as well as restraining yourself from using force unnecessarily. Fighting, in fact, is the last thing a bodyguard (who’s in it for the right reasons) should want to do. When it comes to what makes a successful bodyguard, the skill of reading people is vital to defuse situations and prevent things from escalating to that point in the first place.


4. Ongoing Learning

Continue taking courses and refresher classes. As with most other career paths, to reach your full potential, you must stay up to date with industry advancements and technologies, which is why learning must be a continual process.


For all your security and training needs: leave it in the hands of leading provider of security services in Malta

Whether you’re looking for security services in Malta for your business or event, or would like to start a career in security, look no further than Signal 8 Security Services Malta. With the right training, we’ll show you what makes a successful bodyguard! Enrol in one of our courses – available throughout the year – at The Security Academy to kickstart your career or to serve as a refresher. From etiquette to first aid and unarmed combat, our courses are specifically designed to give you the necessary knowledge, help strengthen your mental and physical abilities, giving you the confidence and skills required to pursue a career in the security industry.

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