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Top 5 Bodyguard Myths

Pop culture and Hollywood have both contributed to a rather stereotypical image of bodyguards: stern, beefy, taciturn figures with more brawn than brains. While these qualities may have been enough for Channing Tatum or Kevin Costner, in real life, being a professional bodyguard requires a certain amount of skills and training. Who better to break down the top bodyguard myths out there than one of the top providers of security services in Malta, Signal 8?


Myth 1: Bodyguards are trigger-happy

Guns are highly dangerous tools which can cause unnecessary and collateral damage if in the wrong hands. Professional bodyguards are not only trained on how to use weapons properly, but are also specifically instructed to use them as a last resort. The most effective way of protecting a client is by aversion; if mishandled, guns can bring out legal, physical and reputational repercussions.


Myth 2: It’s a Man’s Job

In recent years, the rise of female bodyguards has increased exponentially; research has shown that compared to men, women tend to be better at conflict resolution and de-escalating stressful situations. They’re also noted for their strategic skills and clever planning, along with having a strong sense of intuition and instinct. Furthermore, female bodyguards find it easier to blend in by using common misconceptions to their own advantage – when travelling with clients, they are usually mistaken for nannies!


Myth 3: Bodyguards Have to be Bodybuilders

This is one of the most common bodyguard myths. In reality, brains are preferred over brawn – a heavy set of muscles can only take you so far. Fine manners and etiquette are also important, as the brutishness and rugged attitude that is mistakenly associated with bodyguards would only cause them to stand out and hinder discretion. Bodyguarding agents should also be vigilant and mentally sharp, ready to act at a moment’s notice.


Myth 4: Bodyguarding is an Unskilled Profession

From dealing with firearms and first aid to defensive driving and unarmed combat, bodyguard training is intensive and demanding. They are also trained on how to act and what to wear for specific situations, and cannot have a criminal record.


Myth 5: Bigger is Always Better

Size is no guarantee of professional ability; agility and quick-thinking are far more important. Close protection requires that the security agent must be able to operate effectively whilst at the same time blending into the crowd, essentially becoming the “grey man”.


For Professional Security Services in Malta, Look no Further Than Signal 8

We provide all our employees with full, professional training, giving them all the tools and knowledge needed to serve our clients to the best of their abilities and to act as good corporate citizens. All our recruits are carefully screened and their qualifications rigorously checked, completely defying any bodyguard myths out there! they must also meet our high standards and share our core values, which extend beyond physical fitness to include loyalty, politeness, common sense and adaptability. For more information about our security services in Malta, contact us today.

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