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The Role of a Security Receptionist

Although the typical duties of a front desk receptionist usually involve filing, scheduling, greeting visitors and answering phone calls, they also play a vital role in an organisation’s overall security program. Security – conscious receptionists are used to carrying out tasks such as giving out visitor badges, observing suspicious activity and controlling access in and out of the building.

As an experienced provider of security services in Malta, Signal 8 Security Services Malta have plenty of experiencing in providing professional security for hotels and multi-tenant buildings – in this blog, we take a look at the qualities and the role of a security receptionist.


1. The Right Background

Qualifications for this job usually depend on a company’s specific requirements, although a large majority will perform a background check and consider candidates only over the age of 18. Applicants may also have to undergo a certain level of security training, whether the role is for a uniformed security guard receptionist or a receptionist expected to be responsible for specific security tasks on-site.

2. A Varied Skill Set

An understanding of various office technologies and equipment is ideal, along with the ability to utilise common internet applications. He or she must also be highly observant, and able to pinpoint any ongoing illegal activity or intruders. Security receptionists must also have the necessary physical strength to handle any sudden emergencies or apprehend said intruders. Any security training provided should instruct how to use verbal techniques to de-escalate dangerous situations, and tips on how to spot suspicious behaviour.

3. An Ability to Multitask

A security receptionist needs to be able to balance and prioritise responsibilities pertaining to both administration and security. They must also be capable of handling multi-line phone operators, answer any alarms and investigate disturbances. Apart from all this, security receptionists may also be required to patrol and inspect the premises from the inside and outside, as well as assist with mail deliveries by being trained to spot any suspicious packages.



Are you interested in hiring professional services for security services in Malta?

Ensure that your organisation is safe and secure by hiring one of our reliable and fully-trained security personnel. Our receptionists will work under your direction, providing a polite, personal touch to the front desk of your company and monitoring visitor activity. Contact us today to find out more about our top security services in Malta!

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