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Signal 8 Security: For Your Peace Of Mind

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or new to the business world, it’s important to ensure that your property, assets, employees and infrastructure are all protected from common risks. Not only does hiring reliable and professional security services safeguard your company from potential dangers, but it also prevents harm from being done to your reputation should anything untoward occur. Our team at Signal 8 Security strives to deliver peace of mind 24/7 for all our clients, so that they can focus on growing their business while we manage all their security needs.

Read on for a broader idea of what you can expect from our company and our security services in Malta.


Quality assurance

By setting out clear aims and adopting core principles to which each of our employees are bound, we at Signal 8 Security have made it our mission to provide a service that is consistent with all our clients’ requirements. From confidentiality of customer information to the health and security of our customers, the processes within our organisation have been defined in such a way to develop long-term, fruitful relationships. We assess all areas within a company to improve those which are deemed to be of unsatisfactory quality by striving to ensure an error-free service.


A people organisation

Through our partnership with our esteemed clientele, we aim to deliver professional solutions that are flexible and cost-effective. At the very centre of our organisation are our customers and their satisfaction – put simply, if you’re not happy, then neither are we! We consider ourselves to be a people organisation, from our dealings with our clients to maximising the potential of all our employees.


Our security team

By investing in people with potential and helping them develop their talents and skills, our goal is to empower our employees and focus on individuals and their strengths as our main assets. Our sister company, The Security Academy, provides continuous training for all our employees, giving them the knowledge and skills needed to work within the security industry.

We offer a vast range of security services and make use of modern, up-to-date technology; we take care to ensure that all officers on site are fully trained and prepared to face any challenges or obstacles that may arise.

We have also been responsible for crowd control and protection for various high profile clients and events, which amongst others include the Opening Ceremony of Valletta 2018, Earth Garden, Isle of MTV and have also protected the FIFA World Cup Trophy. Moreover, we organise protection strategy for private personnel and corporate groups visiting or living in the Maltese islands, using a combination of defensive tactics, advance operations and exceptional client management skills.


Are you looking for experienced and reliable security services in Malta?

Contact us at Signal 8 Security for more information about our services and how we can help you. Our management team are ready and willing to assist you in any way they can. For top security services in Malta, look no further than Signal 8!

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