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Shop Smart, Shop Safely This Holiday Season

Although Christmas usually brings out the generosity and goodwill in most people, unfortunately it is not always the case with everybody. The holiday season can create criminal opportunities for those looking to take advantage of large crowds and vulnerable individuals. As top providers of security in Malta, we at Signal 8 share a few tips to keep in mind while out doing your shopping – to protect both yourself and your belongings.


1. Remain Aware Of Your Surroundings At All Times

To quote the famous Harry Potter character, Mad Eye Moody: “Constant vigilance!” And seeing that wands and magic don’t exist in real life, instead we strongly advise shoppers to stay alert and aware of what is happening around you. Walk tall and confidently, and move from place to place with purpose. Make sure that you have your keys in hand ready while approaching your car to avoid searching for them while standing in front of the vehicle.


2. Two’s Company

It’s a good idea to bring along a shopping companion, as pickpockets are more likely to target people who are on their own. Walking back to your car with a friend is also much safer.


3. Be Careful With Your Purse or Wallet

Being seen with a large amount of money is risky and can single you out as a target, so avoid carrying a lot of cash when out shopping. Keep your wallet away from thieves by placing it in your front pocket, and make sure it’s sealed or zipped up safely. Call your bank immediately if your credit or debit card is stolen, and ask them to cancel it straight away.


4. Be Safe When Shopping Online

  • Watch out for email scams: Don’t click on links from unknown senders or open any anonymous attachments.
  • Pay with your credit card: Card companies tend to offer the liability protection.
  • Use strong passwords: Multiple passwords for different shopping accounts makes it much more difficult for hackers to access your information.
  • Avoid shopping with public Wi-Fi: Free public Internet means that anyone has access to your personal data, including your name and credit card details.


Are you in management and looking for top retail security in Malta?

We at Signal 8 recruit fully-trained and thoroughly vetted individuals to act as smart purpose security officers, who are capable of dealing with all eventualities whether by customer inquiries or liaising with the police if necessary. We also offer a broad service portfolio of cyber protection solutions, including vulnerability assessments, penetration tests and digital forensic services. There’s nobody more reliable than Signal 8 when it comes to retail security in Malta – contact us today for more information!

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