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4 Security Tips for Hotel Management

Whether your establishment is a single boutique hotel or a large family resort, it’s of vital importance that management devises a detailed plan in order to stay ahead of security issues. Aside from ensuring the safety of both your guests and your employees, robust security measures are also crucial to protecting the reputation of your hotel; organisations can easily be held liable for any criminal activity that occurs on their property. As leaders of security services in Malta, our team at Signal 8 shares a few safety tips that everyone in hotel management should keep in mind.


1. Implement Reliable Cyber Security

Since hotels hold customer data in several locations (billing, spa facilities, restaurants, reception), it’s highly important that proper technology is set up to safeguard private information and prevent ransomware attacks. Cyber security for hotels should validate the integrity of files and software systems, as well as check for any anomalies present in said systems and devices.


2. Engage With and Inform Your Guests

Educate your staff about security procedures and instruct them to inform guests using easy, simple explanations that won’t cause unnecessary alarm or anxiety during their stay. Customers should be discouraged from certain actions, such as yelling their room numbers across a busy lobby or flashing key cards in public places.


3. Tighten Access Control

Ensure that all your property’s main access points are guarded by professional security personnel, who should be entrusted with the responsibility of turning away suspicious individuals, while greeting guests and making them feel welcome. Always reset guest card codes after customers leave (this can be done automatically) and confirm whether access cards are programmed to open the right doors for the right people.


4. Make Regular Changes and Constant Evaluations

Stairways and corridors should be kept clean, well-lit and safe to avoid accidents, with hotel conditions as a whole under regular review by the security director. All facilities should be thoroughly evaluated so as to determine the best applications and security systems that would best address the hotel’s specific needs.



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