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Safety and Security in Shopping Centres – Tips from Signal 8 Security Services Malta

One of the biggest challenges faced by shopping mall administration teams is managing higher store traffic during holiday seasons. In order to maintain a pleasant and enjoyable experience for visitors, the top security priorities should include identifying suspicious behaviour, ensuring crowd control and defusing possible incidents. As long time specialists of retail security in Malta, Signal 8 share a few essential tips on increasing security in shopping centres.


1. Increase Patrolling in Particular Areas

In general, the most important areas to patrol are parking areas, food courts and common entrances for employees. Any high-theft areas should be visited over and over, with security instructed to remain vigilant in order to provide maximum safety for the general public. Make sure to have a few guards checking the roof door on an hourly basis, along with mechanical rooms.


2. Set Up the Right Technology

You need to have a recording of any criminal activities that may ensue as evidence to show the authorities and law enforcement; therefore, it’s important to set up high quality digital video and audio recording systems.


3. Provide Security Training to the Shopping Centre’s Personnel

Although employees such as cleaners, valet staff and information desk officers are not usually faced with severe threats, they should be trained to deal with high risk scenarios and instructed on how to take appropriate action to ensure everyone’s safety. Such actions should include when and how to advise other employees of a threat, how to effectively report any unusual activity to security officers and how to screen the surrounding area when arriving and leaving the premises.


4. Prepare Your Staff for any Emergency Situations

Natural disasters, fires and attacks are all possible threats which can occur within shopping malls. Although they are infrequent, it’s important to make sure that your patrons and employees are protected by hiring experienced security personnel and having fully-trained staff to calm down crowds in case of widespread panic.


5. Protect Lost Children

No matter how careful or attentive parents or guardians can be, due to crowds and confusion, children can easily wander away and get lost. Implement security protocols in order to locate any lost children and return them safely to their accompanying adults.


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