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Qualities Every Security Officer Should Possess

Whether stationed at a bank or private residence, a security guard shoulders a lot of responsibility. He has been assigned the duty of being vigilant and protecting his clientele. Which is why the importance of a security firm hiring, as well as properly training, the right person for the job should not be underestimated. Here are a few important qualities of security officers, brought to you by Signal 8 Security – leading provider of security services in Malta.


1. Professional

Security is at the forefront of relations with the general public, so security personnel should first and foremost look put together to portray a professional image and represent the client to the same standard of quality they represent themselves. Therefore, their uniform should be clean and crisp, and the shirt tucked neatly into their trousers. A good security officer must be punctual and maintain professional integrity and attitude at all times.


2. Well Trained

To be self-assured and portray confidence in what he is doing, a security guard should be skilled and trained appropriately to accomplish the tasks assigned to him. It is important to receive up-to-date training on the latest security techniques, policies and procedures in accordance with best practices.


3. Alertness

A crucial part of being a good security guard is being sharp and aware of one’s surroundings. Being distracted for a second may be the difference between missing something important or spotting it in time. An officer who is not observant or alert could jeopardise the lives of those he was assigned to protect.


4. Fitness

Being in good physical shape is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, and most importantly, how can an unfit guard be able to perform their role optimally if they are not in good physical shape? Secondly, being fit also leads to mental alertness, which ties into other equally crucial qualities of security officers.


5. Honesty

It is essential that security companies run thorough criminal and background checks before hiring anyone who will be given the responsibility of securing access to buildings and protecting people and establishments from crime. Unless the individual hired is mature and trustworthy, they can’t provide a good service.


6. Good Communication Skills

A good security guard is able to communicate effectively; courteously and assertively when necessary. This can be the deciding factor in handling a tricky situation effectively. A good security guard must be able to de-escalate any tense situation and know how to give and take orders.


Signal 8 Security: For experienced and trustworthy security services in Malta.

Therefore, it is crucial that security companies exercise caution when hiring people. At Signal 8 Security Malta Ltd., we strive to maintain a team of recruits which all possess these vital qualities of security officers. Our vetting procedures are systematic and thorough, with all our recruits undergoing a careful screening process and regular security training. If you’re looking to hire security services in Malta you can trust, contact us here.

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