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Essential Psychological Skills A Good Bodyguard Should Possess

Although the hard skills necessary for a protection specialist are not parallel to those of a policeman or soldier, the key psychological skills are almost identical. To get a better idea of what it takes to protect others, here are some psychological skills of a bodyguard that are necessary among those who are in the business of guaranteeing safety, brought to you by top security services in Malta, Signal 8.


Vigilance & critical thinking

Being vigilant is the action or state of keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties. Security duties demand long hours of vigilance, along with being able to quickly and gauge and identify possible threats to the security of people and property under their care. Therefore, being able to bring together vigilance and critical thinking to quickly identify the best course of action to deal with or prevent threats is one of the most crucial psychological skills of a bodyguard.


Adaptability & flexibility of roles in awkward situations

Security guards are often required to switch between leading and following direction. Consequently, one of the most important characteristics to look for in potential recruits is the ability to know when to give and when to take orders. Another key skill anyone in the protection business needs to possess is the ability to adapt according to their surroundings. This entails a state of mind that’s able to handle sudden changes to a high stress level and going from humble to authoritative.


Keeping a low profile

While some situations require a visible security presence, most security personnel need to be able to blend and keep incidents low key when they do occur.



Since the goal of good security is to prevent major incidents, an understanding of human psychology allows the guard to identify possible problems early and de-escalate confrontations. Being able to read human behaviour and adapt psychological skills according to the situation is essential in any line of business where a person is taking responsibility for someone else’s life.


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