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Penetration Testing and its Role in Cyber Security

As a leading provider of security services, including cyber security in Malta, Signal 8 understands all the hype about cyber security nowadays. Due to the sharp rise in the number of web applications and people using them, there has been a drastic increase in the number of vulnerabilities in web applications, according to Trustwave’s 2018 Global Security Report.


What is Penetration Testing?

Often referred to as a pen test, penetration testing is the practice of testing a computer system or network to find security vulnerabilities exploitable from an outside attacker. It requires simulating an attack against your web applications or network to gather information to identify security weaknesses (such as possible entry points).


Penetration Testing Reports

The sensitive data exposed, the amount of time the tester was able to remain undetected and any security weaknesses identified in the penetration tests are reported to the organisation’s IT and network system managers, enabling them to remediate vulnerabilities and help protect against real potential attacks.

Although there are tools available to assist with penetration testing, it is, for the most part, a manual process, and typically involves four main stages:

1. Planning and data gathering: This involves defining the goals of the penetration testing, gathering data on the target attack and determining which systems will be included and the testing methods to be used.

2. Scanning: Tools such as a vulnerability scanner and DAST tools are used to gather more data and information on the target.

3. Gaining and maintaining access: Web application attacks are launched to expose vulnerabilities by stealing data or increasing permissions. This stage also seeks to determine how deep the attacker can get deep within the web app and how much damage can be done.

4. Covering tracks: Here, pen testers test different ways an attacker can remain undetected by making sure changes made to the system are returned to a state that will not raise red flags.


Signal 8: For the Ultimate in Cyber Security in Malta

Organisations should perform penetration testing regularly – ideally once every quarter – to ensure consistent network security and IT management. If you’re looking for cyber security in Malta you can trust, look no further than Signal 8; we are committed to quality, professionalism and maintaining our clients’ confidentiality at all times. Find the range of security services we offer here or contact us for more information on how we can help protect your business from security breaches.

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