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Signal 8’s Key Holding & Alarm Response Services

In the case of a primary key being lost or stolen, business owners and employees usually turn to a professional service to safeguard and protect a spare key to the commercial premises. Apart from this, a good security provider should also ensure an efficient alarm response service, as well as attend to the property in the event of alarm activations. As one of the most trusted suppliers of security services in Malta, Signal 8 share some information about their Keyholding and Alarm Response service.


Seven Days a Week, 24 Hours a Day

Our services pertaining to Keyholding and Alarm Response are available and active on a 24/7 basis. We meet with clients beforehand to discuss their requirements and tailor an agreement to suit them, keeping in mind all operational details, including emergency contacts and switch-over procedures.

Prior to the commencement of duties, we will also discuss what course of action should be taken if or when alarm responses are activated. We rely on the client’s consent to leave the keys with us if we find it necessary to take the initiative and investigate when these circumstances arise. In addition, we will also contact an emergency number when the alarm is activated; our personnel will wait at the site for further instructions if they are required.

After the building is secured and the situation has been dealt with, we provide the client with a full, detailed incident report.


Mobile Response Service

With the inclusion of nights and on weekends, pre-programmed patrols can be carried out at any time. We demonstrate a proactive approach to securing property by supplying high visibility warning boards as an added deterrent. If required, we can be assigned to allow access for an on-site supervision as well as contractors or employees out of normal working hours.


Secure Additional Peace of Mind with Signal 8’s Security Services in Malta!

Knowing that your premises have been secured and that the spare keys are in the hands of professional, trained personnel will not only remove extra weight off your shoulders but also free up more time so you can focus on other business matters instead. With our keyholding and alarm response service, you’ll eliminate the need to hand over keys or alarm codes to unauthorised personnel and ease your mental load. For more information about our security services in Malta, contact us today!

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