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The Importance of Trained Bouncers at Entertainment Venues

The duties and responsibilities of a bouncer (otherwise known as a doorman) seem pretty straightforward upon first glance; they’re generally tasked with maintaining order and removing rowdy guests from inside an establishment, as well as refusing entry if patrons do not meet the minimum age requirements. Having said that, any prospective bouncer must undergo rigorous training in order to achieve the necessary skill set for such a role. As providers of event security in Malta, the team at Signal 8 shares a few qualities that every skilled bouncer should possess.


1. Basic Training Requirements

Every candidate should be screened carefully and be given a proper background check, as bouncers cannot have a history of violence or a criminal record. Prior experience and previous training is always an advantage, along with an overall calm demeanour; a hot-headed personality is not considered suitable for the job. Bouncers are also expected to know just how to approach people and deal with negative conduct, while remaining aware of the limits of their authority.


2. Personality

A doorman must know how to be assertive and convey authority without appearing overly aggressive or intimidating, as a combative attitude will only exacerbate a difficult situation. He or she should also be keenly observant, quick-thinking and ready to act on the spur of the moment. People who are by nature peacemakers and are skilled at mediating are usually excellent candidates, because although bouncers should always be ready to face potential conflict, achieving resolution through dialogue and reason is always the preferred method.


3. Physical Fitness

It is important for anyone who wants to be an entertainment guard to take care of their health and develop a regular exercise routine. As for general physique, individuals who are tall and muscular are considered ideal as they tend to command a strong presence. A good posture supported by a sturdy frame is also seen as a positive.


4. Other Qualifications

Good knowledge of First Aid and the legal use of physical force are good assets to have; also desirable is basic training in management of aggressive behaviour and an overview of criminal and civil law. Doormen should also know how to administer CPR if necessary, and will sometimes be asked to complete written reports of any unexpected incidents or circumstances.


If You’re Looking for Reliable Event Security in Malta, Signal 8 is at Your Service!

All our staff are thoroughly screened, licensed and trained to the best of their abilities, prepared to serve our clients fully and instructed to act as good corporate citizens. Through the efforts of our personnel we aim to provide professional and reliable event security in Malta, along with a wide range of other services. Contact us today to find out more, and be sure to follow us on Facebook for more updates.

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