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The Importance of Crowd Control at Large Scale Events

Sporting events, music concerts and live shows attract massive, excitable crowds of people, sometimes creating an atmosphere that may become unwieldy and unpredictable. Therefore, the safety of your guests should be your top priority. By planning ahead and utilising adequate strategies, you can prevent losing control of the crowd and ensure that everyone has a good time in a safe environment.

Our team at Signal 8 take their role as providers of security services in Malta very seriously – in this blog, we examine vital crowd control strategies for large scale events.


What is a Good Crowd Management Strategy?

Specific events attract specific people, so research and education on the expected audience is a must. Trained security personnel will always check to see whether alcohol will be offered, in order to make sure that the necessary laws and protocols are being followed. To prevent things from getting out of hand, strict enforcement procedures are usually put into place, along with screening for contraband.


Queue Management

Crowd control issues may arise from long lines of impatient, excited or tired guests, so it’s important that a clear system is devised to ensure a calm and contained mood. Use barriers which are not easily moved or toppled. Hosts of large-scale events can even hold offer in-line entertainment like promotional videos or stalls from which merchandise can be bought, so as to distract the crowd from getting bored and rowdy.


Risk Assessment

Fire hazards, malfunctioning equipment and other potential health and safety risks must all be assessed before the event takes place. As there will be a lot of movement resulting from the large volumes of people, all walkways must be well lit to ensure clearly visible routes and pathways. Have security personnel direct people away from narrow corridors or stairs, as this can disrupt a moving crowd of people and cause confusion and feelings of aggression.


Clear Communication with the Crowd

Signage by means of an LED board or fixed notices is the best way to communicate with your guests and keep them updated with key information throughout the event. Maps should be readily available and widely visible all around the venue, complete with alternative routes and clearly marked emergency exits. PA systems and information desks set up at different points may also be helpful.


Are you Looking for Reliable Security Services in Malta for Your Event?

Signal 8 Security Services Malta Ltd. have been responsible for numerous high profile events, including the Isle of MTV and the Opening Ceremony of Valletta 2018, where we successfully provided crowd management. We organise crowd control strategies in a way that provides an atmosphere where guests feel comfortable and by following the requests of the organisers. Our teams are made up of former military and law enforcement agencies, experienced in working for governmental organisations and international influential civilian organizations in crowd control and stewarding services.

For top security services in Malta, contact Signal 8 today.

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