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Get Off My Lawn! How to Protect Your Property From Vandalism

The intentional damage, defacement or destruction of a property without the owner’s permission is generally defined as an act of vandalism, which virtually all business properties are subject to. When the effects of vandalism are particularly severe, business owners often lose a considerable amount of time, money and effort when dealing with the repercussions. As leading providers of security services in Malta, Signal 8 Security Services share a few tips on protecting your property from any potential ill-doers.


1. Install Good Security Lights

One of the most effective deterrents against vandalism is lighting, as vandals often take advantage of the night’s darkness. Ideally, your security lights should also be fitted with motion sensors which are programmed to turn on as soon as someone approaches your property. Check the bulbs regularly to make sure that they are working properly.


2. Keep it Clean and Tidy

Trash attracts trash, and if vandals see that your property is ill-kept and has a shabby appearance, they won’t think twice about attacking. Remove any rubbish such as wheelie bins, garbage bags or ladders that may be laying around outside the property – neatness and hygiene convey a sense of order and authority. Effects of previous vandalism may also encourage other criminals to cause further damage, so it’s important that you clean up the property immediately after any incidents occur.


3. Use Security Cameras

To monitor activity surrounding your premises, install security cameras. This will also be of help to the police and the authorities when investigating any incidents or crimes that may take place.


4. Strengthen Your Doors or Windows with Break-Resistant Glass

Make it harder for vandals to enter your property by installing break-resistant glass in the weakest entry points of your building, including the doors and windows. Security glass is much stronger than the conventional kind, but is often overlooked; for an extra layer of security, you may also want to invest in bulletproof or mesh glass, as well as window bars.


5. Report Any Acts of Vandalism to the Authorities

It is the law enforcement’s responsibility to investigate any serious effects of vandalism caused by vandals or thieves, so ensure that you report any such incidents straight away. Doing this will also show that you take these matters seriously, thus discouraging any future vandals from repeating or copying similar offences.


Keep Your Property Safe with Signal 8’s Security Services in Malta

Signal 8 Security specialises in professional office building security by protecting properties, assets and tenants from theft, vandalism and personal injury – we designate our clients’ companies as an ‘Additional Insured’ under our comprehensive Liability Insurance Policy. Our team will also prevent unauthorised access to the site and maintain fire watches, leaving managers and owners to attend to other important business matters in the meantime. Thanks to Signal 8, security services in Malta have never been as trustworthy or more reliable!

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