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Fire Safety Awareness: Tips on Keeping Your Workplace Safe

Unexpected explosions and fires in the workplace can be extremely dangerous and one of the most devastating hazards – not only for the workers, but also the public in the vicinity. Other than possibly resulting in fatalities, serious injuries such as burns and damage to the respiratory system, it can also cost the company thousands and millions in extensive property damage. Such incidents in the workplace are frequently caused by preventable risk factors, so here are a few universal safety procedures to follow to ensure maximum fire safety awareness at your workplace, brought to you by The Security Academy Malta – security training providers.


1. De-clutter

Clutter not only provides fuel for fires, but it can also act as an obstacle in preventing access to exits and emergency equipment. Therefore, it is important to keep your workplace as clutter-free as possible and ensure equipment and materials are properly stored.


2. Proper Maintenance

It is important to check and perform maintenance on machines regularly, to make sure they are properly maintained to prevent overheating and friction sparks.


3. Report Electrical Hazards

Faulty wiring and malfunctioning equipment are key hazards when it comes to workplace fires, with an increased risk in wet and damp conditions. Extension cables and other flexible leads which are particularly prone to damage, including plugs and sockets, should be checked and replaced when necessary. Always check that socket outlets are not overloaded by the use of adaptors.


4. Smoke Areas

Ensure that there is a designated smoke area available for all workers who smoke on the job. Proper signs reminding employees to properly discard their cigarettes should be provided as well.


5. Fully-Charged Fire Extinguishers

Be aware of the location of the fire extinguishers and fire exits in the workplace, as well as the difference between alarm signals to recognise a situation immediately. Check the fire extinguishers’ gauges and make sure they’re fully charged and ready for use. Conduct fire drills and have a designated spot where employees must meet once they exit the building.

A safe workplace is crucial, and ensuring you have all the right safety procedures in place will bring peace of mind to your staff and can contribute to a great working environment that is safe and productive. Other than providing a secure workplace, consider providing the proper training for all your staff so they can respond effectively in case of an emergency.


Get Professional Security Training, including Fire Safety Awareness, with The Security Academy Malta

Among the many types of security training we deliver at our academy – The Security Academy Malta – we offer professional and practical courses in Basic Fire Safety Awareness, Fire Fighting, Health and Safety in the Work Place, and Basic First Aid. You could also opt for tailor-designed, in-house security training for your convenience, after identifying the key issues relevant to your business.

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