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Executive Protection: 3 Things You Need to Know

High profile individuals or celebrities often need specific security measures, due to the fact that their status in society, associations or wealth often exposes them to personal risks. Being a highly specialised field in security in Malta and abroad, Signal 8 Security Services Malta Ltd. takes care to hire only the best and most professional officers in the industry. Here are a few things that leaders of security should always take into account when in charge of executive protection.


1. A Thorough Risk Analysis

The first thing that security officers must do is carry out a complete examination of the executive’s history to see whether there is a history of threats against the individual in question. They must also find out if and how often their client travels and to which places, as well as identify which attacks they are most vulnerable to according to the nature of their work or daily activities. Factors such as their lifestyle, their home life, the crime climate in their area and their private life must also be studied carefully by the security personnel, ideally with the full cooperation of the executive.


2. Rules for Travel

From visiting clients or fans to attending large-scale events, executives and celebrities are frequently on the road, very often for long periods of time. During these journeys, it’s important that they have discussed with their security personnel what is and isn’t permitted while travelling, in order to mitigate potential risks. These rules may include using loaner devices instead of their personal phones or laptops, and travelling individually instead of in a group with other key executives.


3. Brains over Brawn

Contrary to popular belief, being an effective bodyguard doesn’t only mean muscles and an intimidating stare! Although physical strength is indeed important, experience in tactics, protective strategies and experience are also essential qualities to have. A proficiency in different languages is also desirable, as well as being equipped with all the necessary tools and technology.


Are you Looking for Reliable and Professional Executive Security in Malta?

Signal 8 Security Services Ltd can offer fully trained and experienced security officers who can organise protection strategy for corporate groups or private personnel visiting Malta or other countries. In conjunction with trained and careful use of weapons and defensive tactics, our employees make use of exceptional client management skills and advance operations; our team are educated on all aspects of what executive protection entails.

Our strategies are designed to reduce risks and liability, and our broad spectrum of activities include Executive Protection Program Development, Risk & Vulnerability Assessment (Threat Management) and Personal & Vehicle Security Measures.

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