Signal 8 Security has at its disposal numerous types of equipment to ensure full coverage of security services, such as VHF radio equipment, video and audio surveillance equipment, camera monitoring console rooms, trackers, alarms and beepers, safeguarding tools such as barriers, road blocking equipment, and other communication equipment.
We have our own guard shelters and we monitor many of our contracted points using our own patrol cars.

Mobile Shelter Guard Rooms

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Signal 8 Security’s Products

The Revolutionary new technology
(Vital monitoring service)

We at Signal 8 Security Services Malta Ltd. believe that one of the core elements of providing an effective manned security service is the performance monitoring of security personnel. It is also important to create a transparent relationship with customers that facilitate the ability for them to have real time access to information relating to patrol activities on their assignments. The Guard Buddy Pro system has been designed to ensure a quick and effective method of managing the patrol activities of security officers.  Backed by the ‘Guard Buddy Pro’ which is only  a normal Nokia mobile set (pic. below), our patrolmen will randomly or on a pre-determined route (set out by you), patrol and log in on the strategically placed patrol points throughout the environment being patrolled by the officer. The Patrol points are micro chips and the mobile equipment will certify that the patrol has been carried out, as desired. No wiring is required between patrol points which enable quick and simple installation. Patrol Points are low cost tags and thus encourage volume check points. At your leisure, from anywhere there is an internet connection, you can log on our site and with your password access real time information you may required. You will also have the facility for an electronic print out tailor made to your preference of patrol/visits carried out.

Once the contract is awarded, we at Signal 8 Security Services Malta Ltd are committed to install at our expense the revolutionary technology ‘Guard Buddy Pro’ NFC (Near Field Communications System) to which Signal 8 Security are the sole agents and distributors on these islands. You are only requested a monthly fee of minimum € 6.00 which is to be paid to Mobile Phone sim card service provider of your choice for data transfer.
Signal 8 Security are the sole distributors for The Guard Buddy Pro. This system has been already sold to our esteemed clients The Farsons Brewery, The Arrowpharm Plant and The St. Angelo’s Mansions in Vittoriosa.

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NFC in brief

A convenient way to transfer data between a phone and other devices by touching them together turns your phone into a smartcard, make purchases by tapping your phone to an NFC reader, use your phone as a travel card at an NFC ticket gate.

NFC typically works over a distance of a few centimeters

Uses a smart chip to store credit and travel card details securely

Brief Technology description
What is NFC?
Communicates via magnetic field induction and operates in the radio frequency of  13.56 MHz,
with a band width of 14 kHz.

Exchanging information between phone and a device:
an NFC credit card reader,
an NFC ticket gate
an RFID tag
RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification)

New generation Sonim phone designed especially for Security monitoring and lone workers.


Normal Mobile phone
Man down function
Drop detection mode
Flash light
Water proof.

Compact wireless technology capable of transmitting a unique identifier such as a unique serial number across a distance in response to a query from a reading device.
The RFID tags utilised in the Security application are passive, meaning that they lack batteries and obtain their power from the query signal of the NFC reading device itself
Security Tracking  NFC solution keeping track of security guard routes:   Last time they logged   stations where they scanned

“Our client’s data is never in any risk, since no software is installed”.

Signal 8 Security products are tailor made to individual customer requirements. You choose from a fully monitored system using the Signal 8 Security team or a system where you can access the data from anywhere there is internet connection, or a mixture of the two.

Example of website (Vittoriosa Water Front) Control Levels

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Reporting on your computer

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