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Differences Between Bodyguards and Security Officers

Although all security professionals share the same purpose, that is to protect and safeguard the public and its assets, there are different categories of security professionals, each category differing from the other in terms of its roles, training, and pay scale. As the leading provider of services related to security in Malta, we highlight the major differences between a bodyguard and a security officer.


Roles Play a Major Part in the Differences Between a Bodyguard and a Security Officer

A security guard’s services extend to public places, such as airports, shopping centres, museums, banks, as well as public events. Their job is to protect the location and people that are in that physical space from any dangerous situation that might arise and respond to accidents until the police arrive.

On the other hand, a body guard performs high level security procedures for the personal protection of one or more people, generally for politicians, celebrities or VIPs, and are therefore sometimes referred to as close protection officers. They have a more elaborate range of protocols. The focus is not on preventing crime, but on keeping a particular person or crowd out of the way. Other than the personal protection they provide, they also provide strategy and planning.



One of the major differences between a bodyguard and a security officer is the training both agents undergo. Training is essential; however, many don’t realise the variety of risks involved when delivering such a specialised security service. While security guards mainly undergo the basic security training required for protection services, including the occupational and behavioural skills and attitudes needed to deal with the various on-the-job situations that might crop up, in order to become a bodyguard, the individual needs to go through high level security training. Experience in different levels of a security detail is highly essential and only after several years of experience can one be allowed to form part of a high-profile bodyguard team.

Bodyguards must be trained in conflict management (defense and restraint tactics), situations of applying physical force when necessary, rules of weapons vs. hand to hand combat, procedures in critical life-threatening situations, improvised explosive devices searches, as well as bodyguard paramedicine.


Signal 8 Security Services Malta Ltd. acquired the best reputation within the Executive Protection Industry in Malta and abroad. We represent a number of International Bodyguard Agencies and provide a wide range of services for security in Malta for VVIP’s and Corporate individuals. We ensure our employees have the opportunity to maximise their potential; we invest in them by providing training through one of our sister companies – The Security Academy Malta Ltd. – that includes basic and specialised courses for individuals working within the industry providing services for security in Malta and abroad. We also deliver a number basic and specialised firearm courses to corporations and maritime security agencies.

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