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Concealed Weapon Identification

Often, although the indicators that an individual is hiding a weapon are observable, they go undetected. Equipping oneself with the ability to recognise the signs and certain physical behaviours can help prevent a planned assault. As a perpetrator may be of any age, come from all socioeconomic classes, and at first glance, may look like anyone else because there is no viable profile, relying on the profiling method can be dangerous. The only thing that is consistent about those who carry illegal weapons is the presence of certain observable physical behaviours. Therefore, it is crucial that security personnel focus their attention on specific behaviours as well as behaviour clusters that may indicate the presence of a weapon.

As a leading provider in security services in Malta, our team at Signal 8 Security shares some visual screening techniques that are used in concealed weapon identification.


Touching the Weapon

Violators will typically touch or adjust their concealed weapons on their bodies numerous times. They often grasp the weapon distinctly when getting out of a chair or car, or when walking up a flight of stairs.


Unnatural Movements

Gun violators may walk in an awkward or unnatural way. They may fail to bend their knees or walk normally because the weapon hidden in their trousers or shoes is causing discomfort.


Bulges, Outlines & Clothing Sag

In the case of larger weapons, their distinct outline may be observed concealed underneath clothing. However, in some cases, the butt of a handgun or knives can be observed clipped to a front pocket or in the waistband. Similarly, when you place a gun inside a jacket pocket, it is bound to sag lower than it does on the other side. In some cases, the violator will hold or pin the weapon if it begins to swing while he’s walking.


Behaviour Clusters

It is important to note that a single sign does not necessarily indicate the possession of a weapon. Rather, the totality of circumstances will dictate the likelihood of a person being armed. An individual who fails to swing his right arm may indeed be armed and trying to avoid hitting their elbow on the weapon, but he may even simply have a disability. But if while not swinging his right arm, he also looks around nervously when adjusting something under his clothing, and then walks away when he spots an officer watching him, he is far more likely to be armed.

The technique of visual screening in concealed weapon identification is an inexpensive and valuable tool; it has been used to avert many planned weapons assaults, such as gang violence and terrorism. However, experienced criminals and illegally-armed individuals are very talented at hiding their weapons and have used a variety of methods to conceal them. Therefore, you are more likely to spot a person carrying a concealed weapon through their body language, which is why security personnel must carefully monitor and evaluate eye contact, actions and mannerisms.


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Certain indicators could help avert a disaster if noticed in time, which is why alertness and concealed weapon identification is an important part of security service training. Signal 8 Security Services Malta Ltd. is the leading provider of security services in Malta and, through thorough screening, recruits and trains only the best.

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