The Importance of Trained Bouncers At Entertainment Venues

The duties and responsibilities of a bouncer (otherwise known as a doorman) seem pretty straightforward upon first glance; they’re generally tasked with maintaining order and removing rowdy guests from inside an establishment, as well as refusing entry if patrons do not meet the minimum age requirements. Having said that, any prospective bouncer must undergo rigorous training in order to achieve the necessary skill set for such a role. As providers of event security in Malta, the team at Signal 8 shares a few qualities that every skilled bouncer should possess.


1. Basic Training Requirements

Every candidate should be screened carefully and be given a proper background check, as bouncers cannot have a history of violence or a criminal record. Prior experience and previous training is always an advantage, along with an overall calm demeanour; a hot-headed personality is not considered suitable for the job. Bouncers are also expected to know just how to approach people and deal with negative conduct, while remaining aware of the limits of their authority.


2. Personality

A doorman must know how to be assertive and convey authority without appearing overly aggressive or intimidating, as a combative attitude will only exacerbate a difficult situation. He or she should also be keenly observant, quick-thinking and ready to act on the spur of the moment. People who are by nature peacemakers and are skilled at mediating are usually excellent candidates, because although bouncers should always be ready to face potential conflict, achieving resolution through dialogue and reason is always the preferred method.


3. Physical Fitness

It is important for anyone who wants to be an entertainment guard to take care of their health and develop a regular exercise routine. As for general physique, individuals who are tall and muscular are considered ideal as they tend to command a strong presence. A good posture supported by a sturdy frame is also seen as a positive.


4. Other Qualifications

Good knowledge of First Aid and the legal use of physical force are good assets to have; also desirable is basic training in management of aggressive behaviour and an overview of criminal and civil law. Doormen should also know how to administer CPR if necessary, and will sometimes be asked to complete written reports of any unexpected incidents or circumstances.


If you’re looking for reliable event security in Malta, Signal 8 is at your service!

All our staff are thoroughly screened, licensed and trained to the best of their abilities, prepared to serve our clients fully and instructed to act as good corporate citizens. Through the efforts of our personnel we aim to provide professional and reliable event security in Malta, along with a wide range of other services. Contact us today to find out more, and be sure to follow us on Facebook for more updates.


The Benefits of Running Pre-Employment Background Checks

Pre-employment screening is a process wherein employers verify information about job candidates to help them assess potential risks and narrow down all their options. As a leader in security services in Malta, our team at Signal 8 explains the role conducting background checks plays in making an educated hiring decision.


1. It highlights criminal history & avoids company liability

One of the main aims of running thorough background checks is to flag any potential criminal convictions in an applicant’s past. Checking a prospective employee’s criminal, fraud and credit record is an effective way to reduce employee theft and fraud as well as to ensure they don’t pose any danger to other employees.

Furthermore, if an accident takes place on the job, the employer can be held liable if they neglected to run a background check prior to employing the individual. Due diligence is therefore a crucial part of the employment process.


2. It helps maintain a positive work environment

In some cases, the wrong choice of even one employee can have a negative impact on the working environment. This is often due to a poor work ethic, a difficult personality, or unwillingness to work as part of a team. Checking for these risks with previous employers – rather than relying on interviews, where people tend to put their best foot forward – is an important part of keeping the existing workforce motivated.


3. It verifies certifications

Embellishing skills, previous job titles and education is not uncommon on a CV or application letter. Running pre-employment background checks will confirm whether the applicant in question has the degrees and professional certifications they claim they do. Sometimes, learning this information can be about confirming honesty; other times, certain degrees are actually legally required for a person to hold a job.


4. It saves on time and resources

Any successful employer recognises how valuable time is, so any way to reduce the length of a task should be examined carefully. The screening process helps cut around 90% of the applicants and prevents employers from having to sit through time-consuming interviews with applicants that are neither qualified nor suited to the position. Not to mention, hiring the right people from the get go reduces the risk of having to go through the whole hiring and training process over and over due to high employee turnover.

Therefore, running background checks is crucial and should be carried out before recruiting for any position, regardless of how senior the position.


Signal 8 Security: For security services in Malta you can trust

At Signal 8 Security, our vetting procedures are systematic and thorough. All recruits are rigorously screened to ensure clean conducts, professionalism, experience and physical fitness, to offer our clients the highest of standards.

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5 Ways Signal 8 Security Protects your Business Against Cyber Crime

Hackers and cyberattacks are unfortunately the norm now, with organisations being continually targeted for financial, political and malicious reasons. In our previous blog ‘3 reasons why cyber security is essential for your business’, we discussed the dangers businesses of all sizes may be putting their company in by failing to protect themselves against potential cyberattacks.
The good news is, these risks can be minimised and mitigated by taking the right security measures. Here are a number of reasons to entrust Signal 8 Security Services Malta with all your business’ security needs.



1. Range of Cyber Protection

Our team designs and delivers individually-tailored cyber protection solutions to suit small to large-scale businesses. Our consultants are accredited to provide expert solutions that include conducting accurate vulnerability scans, safe penetration tests and detail-orientated audits of IT and network security architecture.



2. Vast Experience

Our accreditations are further complemented by our significant experience of providing Information Assurance and Cyber Security design, management and change implementation within the military, law enforcement, government and diplomatic sectors. We apply our professional accreditations and our experience to provide customers with threat-integrated solutions designed to reduce risks and mitigate cyber threats to sensitive data and IT platforms.



3. Denial of Service Protection

In the computing world, a Denial of Service (DoS) or a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is a cyberattack in which the perpetrator disrupts the services of a host, rendering a website, server or network useless for the duration of the attack, which can last for hours or days.
To prevent this from happening, our team develops strict access control lists, anti-DoS and anti-DDoS platforms, firewalls and anti-virus systems to reduce risks from external and internal threats.



4. Vulnerability Assessments & Penetration Testing

A vulnerability assessment is the process of finding vulnerabilities in an IT system and listing them according to severity. In contrast, penetration testing is more focused on simulating a real-life attack, testing defences and mapping out paths a real attacker could take to fulfil an actual attack. At Signal 8 Security Services Malta, we provide managed vulnerability scans and assessment, as well as a range of secure and advanced penetration tests designed to ensure a rigorous assessment of your network and its potential for exploitation by cyber attackers.



5. Cyber Incident Response

The actual impact and damage an organisation will face boils down to one single metric – the amount of time it takes to respond to the said incident. Our consultants respond to business locations, ensuring that the amount of time it takes to investigate, contain and mitigate a cyber security incident is absolutely minimised.



Signal 8 Security Services Malta: For your Business’ Security & Cyber Security Needs

If you’re looking to hire a professional and trustworthy cyber security service company, or would like more information on how Signal 8 Security Services Malta Ltd. can help protect your business and its critical systems and data from malicious cyberattacks, contact us here.

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The Importance of Risk Assessment in Retail Security

To ensure the safety of employees, patrons, physical assets and management staff, efficient and effective tailor-made retail security management plans are of great importance. A solid baseline of security will enable retail establishments to more fully mitigate risks, thereby being able to focus on providing a better service for their customers. The team at Signal 8 Security Services Malta share a few factors as to what makes risk assessment so crucial for retail security.


What is Risk Assessment?

To diminish potential risk within an establishment, it’s important to decrease the levels of any vulnerabilities present and measure them against the levels of threats. The process of identifying these possible hazards and measuring them against individual vulnerabilities is known as risk assessment. This procedure also helps to examine the frequency of exposure to hazards and how to develop and implement strategies in order to prevent them from causing any harm.

Potential threats are classified into two categories: internal and external.


What are internal threats?

Internal threats are those which originate within the premises themselves, such as structural failures, mechanical breakdowns, staff theft and workplace accidents. They also cover standard violations and safety hazards.


What are external threats?

External threats stem from outside forces like robbery, civil disturbance or arson.


What are vulnerabilities?

Both physical and social vulnerabilities can exist as doorways to threats within organisations. Physical vulnerabilities include factors such as flimsy exits or entrances, insufficient planning or poor architecture, while social vulnerabilities could be employees and management being unaware or poorly educated on the proper safety protocols and security.


Risk Assessment aims to cover the following:

  1. Material and Physical Security: Equipment such as lifts and and escalators need to be checked thoroughly in order to prevent malfunctioning which can cause staff and patron injuries. Any delivery areas should be well protected and not left vulnerable.
  2. Management Involvement: Plans and policies related to security and preventing threats should be put in place by the management, and reviewed on a regular basis.
  3. Control of access: There should be traffic controllers or a system in place to manage the flow of people entering and leaving the premises, especially during peak hours.
  4. Response to Emergencies: Information signage should be well placed so that it is clear, visible and comprehensible in the case of emergencies. Staff and shop owners should be trained and informed on how to best handle a sudden crisis.


Looking for some of the most reliable security services Malta has to offer?

From prioritizing hazards and controlling measures to documenting the process and its results, our staff is full trained and experienced in carrying out detailed and step-by-step risk assessment procedures. If you’re looking for top security services in Malta for your establishment or premises, contact us today at Signal 8 for more information about our services.


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Safety and Security in Shopping Centres – Tips from Signal 8

One of the biggest challenges faced by shopping mall administration teams is managing higher store traffic during holiday seasons. In order to maintain a pleasant and enjoyable experience for visitors, the top security priorities should include identifying suspicious behaviour, ensuring crowd control and defusing possible incidents. As long time specialists of security services, Signal 8 Security Services Malta share a few essential tips on increasing security in shopping centres.


1. Increase patrolling in particular areas

In general, the most important areas to patrol are parking areas, food courts and common entrances for employees. Any high-theft areas should be visited over and over, with security instructed to remain vigilant in order to provide maximum safety for the general public. Make sure to have a few guards checking the roof door on an hourly basis, along with mechanical rooms.


2. Set up the right technology

You need to have a recording of any criminal activities that may ensue as evidence to show the authorities and law enforcement; therefore, it’s important to set up high quality digital video and audio recording systems.


3. Provide security training to the shopping centre’s personnel

Although employees such as cleaners, valet staff and information desk officers are not usually faced with severe threats, they should be trained to deal with high risk scenarios and instructed on how to take appropriate action to ensure everyone’s safety. Such actions should include when and how to advise other employees of a threat, how to effectively report any unusual activity to security officers and how to screen the surrounding area when arriving and leaving the premises.


4. Prepare your staff for any emergency situations

Natural disasters, fires and attacks are all possible threats which can occur within shopping malls. Although they are infrequent, it’s important to make sure that your patrons and employees are protected by hiring experienced security personnel and having fully-trained staff to calm down crowds in case of widespread panic.


5. Protect Lost Children

No matter how careful or attentive parents or guardians can be, due to crowds and confusion, children can easily wander away and get lost. Implement security protocols in order to locate any lost children and return them safely to their accompanying adults.


For top security services in Malta, contact Signal 8 today!

Our competent and experienced security staff are fully trained and prepared to deal with all eventualities, including how to liaise with police officers and handle customer enquiries. Over the years we have provided a high standard of security services in Malta, making sure that all our recruits are well spoken, physically fit and possessing the necessary qualifications.

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3 Multi-National Organisations that Fell Victim to Cyber- Attacks

Cyber-attacks have become an ever-increasing threat to all types of companies that go digital. Signal 8 Security Services Malta Ltd. looks into some of the highest-profile organisations that have suffered cyber-attacks.


1. Sony Pictures

In November 2014, Sony Pictures fell victim to a cyber-attack that led to intellectual property and personal employee details being leaked online. It all started with hackers infecting Sony Pictures’ systems with Wiper malware. A few weeks later, the hacker group that identifies itself as Guardians Of Peace (GOP) published physical terror threats against movie theatres planning on showing Sony’s upcoming North-Korean focused comedy “The Interview”. As a result, the entertainment company pulled the film’s release, which was scheduled for Christmas day. The FBI attributed the malware attack to North Korea.

However, by early January, a large number of distributors and digital services such as Netflix had struck arrangements to show the movie.


2. Apple

2014 also saw the mass leak of intimate photographs of over 100 celebrities. In one of the tech industry’s racier scandals of 2014, hackers specifically targeted celebrity online accounts and made off with their intimate photos. Among the stars affected were Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton. Apple rejected initial claims that the images had been obtained via a breach of its iCloud, and it was later revealed that access was gained via targeted phishing attacks.


3. Yahoo

One click is all it takes…to launch one of the biggest data breaches ever. In 2014, cyber criminals gained access to Yahoo!’s network and the email messages and private information, containing names, phone numbers, security questions and answers, and password recovery emails – of as many as 500 million people. Information, particularly security questions and answers can help hackers break into victims’ other online accounts, such as banking accounts. And it all started off with a spear-phishing email sent to a Yahoo company employee.

It was later determined that two hackers and two Russian spies were behind the job, and it was revealed that shockingly, in a separate data breach that took place the year before (in 2013), all 3 billion user accounts were affected. However, it wasn’t until 2016, that Yahoo! noticed it had been compromised in both years, and the full scale of the situation began to become apparent. Among the hacked accounts were US government officials and Russian journalists.

In December of 2016, Yahoo! went public with details of the breach and advised users to change their passwords. This data breach was one of epic and historic proportions and has in fact been referred to by many experts as the largest such incident made public in the history of the internet at the time.

It’s fair to say 2014 wasn’t a great year for these business giants, but a rather good one for hackers.


Are you looking for the most trustworthy security services Malta has to offer?

With the rapid advancement in technology, cyber security is becoming an increasingly important facet of businesses of any size. Our team at Signal 8 Security Services Malta Ltd. is fully trained and dedicated to creating tailored security strategies to offer our clients peace of mind. If you would like to protect your company from the possibility of falling victim to cyberattacks, contact us now.

security guard wearing uniform

Kickstart Your Career at The Security Academy Malta

Have you always wanted to pursue a career in the security industry or build on the knowledge and skills you’ve already gained? The Security Academy Malta Ltd. is a training organisation dedicated to delivering the most comprehensive and practical training, through specially-designed security courses. Here are some reasons to enrol at The Security Academy Malta – the main training provider for security services in Malta and Gozo.


1. Wide Range Of Courses

Although the foundation stones of this academy are the Private Guard and Warden syllabi, the selection of courses we offer is vast. From protective driving to fire-fighting, our professional and experienced instructors have developed an extensive list of other courses which may be viewed here.


2. Year-Round Courses

Training courses are available throughout the year and can even be arranged upon request to accommodate requirements of companies and personnel of all levels within their respective disciplines.


3. In-House Customised Courses

We also offer training services to be provided on a customised basis, whereby you can control the location and timing of the course; the programme can be tailored to suit specific training needs, or created from scratch as necessary. We offer a free consultation as a precursor in order to gain a better understanding of your business needs and ensure that we identify the relevant key issues to tailor the course contents end delivery accordingly.


Our Goal

The aim of the company is the enhancement of the individual, enriching the learning process leading people who work in the security business to be able to provide an optimal service with a professional background. Our goal as an academy is to encourage greater co-operation between security personnel and portray an image of authority, respect, assistance and service.


Looking to Kickstart a Career in Security Services in Malta?

Founded in 2009 from the renowned Signal 8 Security Malta Ltd. – leading providers of security services in Malta, The Security Academy is made up of skilled individuals delivering solutions based on years in the industry. For further information and inquiries contact us here.
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security receptionist

The Role of a Security Receptionist

Although the typical duties of a front desk receptionist usually involve filing, scheduling, greeting visitors and answering phone calls, they also play a vital role in an organisation’s overall security program. Security – conscious receptionists are used to carrying out tasks such as giving out visitor badges, observing suspicious activity and controlling access in and out of the building.

Signal 8 Security Services Malta have plenty of experiencing in providing professional security for hotels and multi-tenant buildings – in this blog, we take a look at the qualities a good security receptionist should possess.


1. The Right Background

Qualifications for this job usually depend on a company’s specific requirements, although a large majority will perform a background check and consider candidates only over the age of 18. Applicants may also have to undergo a certain level of security training, whether the role is for a uniformed security guard receptionist or a receptionist expected to be responsible for specific security tasks on-site.

2. A Varied Skill Set

An understanding of various office technologies and equipment is ideal, along with the ability to utilise common internet applications. He or she must also be highly observant, and able to pinpoint any ongoing illegal activity or intruders. Security receptionists must also have the necessary physical strength to handle any sudden emergencies or apprehend said intruders. Any security training provided should instruct how to use verbal techniques to de-escalate dangerous situations, and tips on how to spot suspicious behaviour.

3. An Ability to Multitask

A security receptionist needs to be able to balance and prioritise responsibilities pertaining to both administration and security. They must also be capable of handling multi-line phone operators, answer any alarms and investigate disturbances. Apart from all this, security receptionists may also be required to patrol and inspect the premises from the inside and outside, as well as assist with mail deliveries by being trained to spot any suspicious packages.



Are you interested in hiring professional services for security in Malta?

Ensure that your organisation is safe and secure by hiring one of our reliable and fully-trained security personnel. Our receptionists will work under your direction, providing a polite, personal touch to the front desk of your company and monitoring visitor activity. Contact us today to find out more about our top security services in Malta!

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Executive Protection: 3 Things You Need to Know

High profile individuals or celebrities often need specific security measures, due to the fact that their status in society, associations or wealth often exposes them to personal risks. Being a highly specialised field in security in Malta, Signal 8 Security Services Malta Ltd. takes care to hire only the best and most professional officers in the industry. Here are a few things that leaders of security should always take into account when in charge of executive protection.


1. A Thorough Risk Analysis

The first thing that security officers must do is carry out a complete examination of the executive’s history to see whether there is a history of threats against the individual in question. They must also find out if and how often their client travels and to which places, as well as identify which attacks they are most vulnerable to according to the nature of their work or daily activities. Factors such as their lifestyle, their home life, the crime climate in their area and their private life must also be studied carefully by the security personnel, ideally with the full cooperation of the executive.


2. Rules for Travel

From visiting clients or fans to attending large-scale events, executives and celebrities are frequently on the road, very often for long periods of time. During these journeys, it’s important that they have discussed with their security personnel what is and isn’t permitted while travelling, in order to mitigate potential risks. These rules may include using loaner devices instead of their personal phones or laptops, and travelling individually instead of in a group with other key executives.



3. Brains over Brawn

Contrary to popular belief, being an effective bodyguard doesn’t only mean muscles and an intimidating stare! Although physical strength is indeed important, experience in tactics, protective strategies and experience are also essential qualities to have. A proficiency in different languages is also desirable, as well as being equipped with all the necessary tools and technology.


Are you looking for a reliable and professional bodyguard in Malta?

Signal 8 Security Services Ltd can offer fully trained and experienced security officers who can organise protection strategy for corporate groups or private personnel visiting Malta or other countries. In conjunction with trained and careful use of weapons and defensive tactics, our employees make use of exceptional client management skills and advance operations; our team are educated on all aspects of what executive protection entails.

Our strategies are designed to reduce risks and liability, and our broad spectrum of activities include Executive Protection Program Development, Risk & Vulnerability Assessment (Threat Management) and Personal & Vehicle Security Measures.

To discover more about services for security in Malta, contact us today.

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3 Reasons Why Cyber Security is Essential for your Business

As your business grows, so does the myriad of confidential and private information internally that needs to be protected. Although the premise is simple: protect your company’s data along with your customers’, the execution is not so. As a leading provider of security services in Malta, Signal 8 shares some reasons why hiring cyber security services is important for your business.


1. Businesses of all sizes are at risk

Hacks and malicious viruses can hobble any business. Yet since data breaches at major corporations such as Yahoo are generally the ones that capture the big headlines, this gives small to medium-sized business owners a false sense of security, where they assume they are not vulnerable to cyber attacks. Cyber criminals now understand that smaller businesses tend not to have as tight security measures as the large multinationals, making them an attractive target.


2. Cyber attacks are constantly evolving

Targeted attacks being deployed against organisations are becoming increasingly more strategic and sophisticated. Failing to prepare for these ever-evolving threats is putting your organisation at risk of financial loss as well as damaging your reputation.


3. It shows you take your customers’ data seriously

Cyber security is now seen as a key facet of business, especially among companies dealing with sensitive information. Therefore, protecting your business from common cyber threats will not only keep your data secure, it will also send potential customers and clients the message that you value their confidentiality, which will in turn differentiate you from your competitors.


Are you looking for the most trustworthy security services Malta has to offer?

Knowledge is power, and as a result, cyber security is becoming an increasingly important facet of businesses. Our team at Signal 8 Security Services Malta, is fully trained and wholly dedicated to creating individually-tailored security strategies to offer our clients peace of mind. If you would like to protect your company from the possibility of falling victim to cyberattacks, contact us now for more information on how we can help you.

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