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The Benefits of Running Pre-Employment Background Checks

Pre-employment screening is a process wherein employers verify information about job candidates to help them assess potential risks and narrow down all their options. As a leader in security services in Malta, our team at Signal 8 explains the role conducting background checks plays in making an educated hiring decision.


1. It Highlights Criminal History & Avoids Company Liability

One of the main aims of running thorough background checks is to flag any potential criminal convictions in an applicant’s past. Checking a prospective employee’s criminal, fraud and credit record is an effective way to reduce employee theft and fraud as well as to ensure they don’t pose any danger to other employees.
Furthermore, if an accident takes place on the job, the employer can be held liable if they neglected to run a background check prior to employing the individual. Due diligence is therefore a crucial part of the employment process.


2. It Helps Maintain a Positive Work Environment

In some cases, the wrong choice of even one employee can have a negative impact on the working environment. This is often due to a poor work ethic, a difficult personality, or unwillingness to work as part of a team. Checking for these risks with previous employers – rather than relying on interviews, where people tend to put their best foot forward – is an important part of keeping the existing workforce motivated.


3. It Verifies Certifications

Embellishing skills, previous job titles and education is not uncommon on a CV or application letter. Running pre-employment background checks will confirm whether the applicant in question has the degrees and professional certifications they claim they do. Sometimes, learning this information can be about confirming honesty; other times, certain degrees are actually legally required for a person to hold a job.


4. It Saves on Time and Resources

Any successful employer recognises how valuable time is, so any way to reduce the length of a task should be examined carefully. The screening process helps cut around 90% of the applicants and prevents employers from having to sit through time-consuming interviews with applicants that are neither qualified nor suited to the position. Not to mention, hiring the right people from the get go reduces the risk of having to go through the whole hiring and training process over and over due to high employee turnover.

Therefore, running background checks is crucial and should be carried out before recruiting for any position, regardless of how senior the position.


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