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The Importance of Trained Bouncers At Entertainment Venues

The duties and responsibilities of a bouncer (otherwise known as a doorman) seem pretty straightforward upon first glance; they’re generally tasked with maintaining order and removing rowdy guests from inside an establishment, as well as refusing entry if patrons do not meet the minimum age requirements. Having said that, any prospective bouncer must undergo rigorous […]

The Benefits of Running Pre-Employment Background Checks

Pre-employment screening is a process wherein employers verify information about job candidates to help them assess potential risks and narrow down all their options. As a leader in security services in Malta, our team at Signal 8 explains the role conducting background checks plays in making an educated hiring decision.   1. It highlights criminal […]

5 Ways Signal 8 Security Protects your Business Against Cyber Crime

Hackers and cyberattacks are unfortunately the norm now, with organisations being continually targeted for financial, political and malicious reasons. In our previous blog ‘3 reasons why cyber security is essential for your business’, we discussed the dangers businesses of all sizes may be putting their company in by failing to protect themselves against potential cyberattacks. […]

The Importance of Risk Assessment in Retail Security

To ensure the safety of employees, patrons, physical assets and management staff, efficient and effective tailor-made retail security management plans are of great importance. A solid baseline of security will enable retail establishments to more fully mitigate risks, thereby being able to focus on providing a better service for their customers. The team at Signal […]

Safety and Security in Shopping Centres – Tips from Signal 8

One of the biggest challenges faced by shopping mall administration teams is managing higher store traffic during holiday seasons. In order to maintain a pleasant and enjoyable experience for visitors, the top security priorities should include identifying suspicious behaviour, ensuring crowd control and defusing possible incidents. As long time specialists of security services, Signal 8 […]

3 Multi-National Organisations that Fell Victim to Cyber- Attacks

Cyber-attacks have become an ever-increasing threat to all types of companies that go digital. Signal 8 Security Services Malta Ltd. looks into some of the highest-profile organisations that have suffered cyber-attacks.   1. Sony Pictures In November 2014, Sony Pictures fell victim to a cyber-attack that led to intellectual property and personal employee details being […]

Kickstart Your Career at The Security Academy Malta

Have you always wanted to pursue a career in the security industry or build on the knowledge and skills you’ve already gained? The Security Academy Malta Ltd. is a training organisation dedicated to delivering the most comprehensive and practical training, through specially-designed security courses. Here are some reasons to enrol at The Security Academy Malta […]

The Role of a Security Receptionist

Although the typical duties of a front desk receptionist usually involve filing, scheduling, greeting visitors and answering phone calls, they also play a vital role in an organisation’s overall security program. Security – conscious receptionists are used to carrying out tasks such as giving out visitor badges, observing suspicious activity and controlling access in and […]

Executive Protection: 3 Things You Need to Know

High profile individuals or celebrities often need specific security measures, due to the fact that their status in society, associations or wealth often exposes them to personal risks. Being a highly specialised field in security in Malta, Signal 8 Security Services Malta Ltd. takes care to hire only the best and most professional officers in […]

3 Reasons Why Cyber Security is Essential for your Business

As your business grows, so does the myriad of confidential and private information internally that needs to be protected. Although the premise is simple: protect your company’s data along with your customers’, the execution is not so. As a leading provider of security services in Malta, Signal 8 shares some reasons why hiring cyber security […]