Joseph John Grech, better known as Jovan, was born in Senglea Malta on the 21stMay 1961. He comes from a family of Police Officers, and was naturally brought up to think like one.  From when he was young, he showed interest, in Policing, and used to spend time with his uncle, who was a Police Superintendent.

He had joined the Malta Police Force as a Police Constable, at the age of 22. Jovan was immediately ear-marked to join the elite squad of anti-terrorism formally known as the SMU (Special Mobile Unit). This unit, amongst other commitments, had the role of providing Close protection for Dignitaries visiting our Country and other VIP’S, including the President of Malta, at the time. Thanks to this placement, Jovan was given special training including: Military Combat Training (Missione Militare Italiana); Special Firearms specialist (Malta Police Force) and Kung Fu (Môn Lung Style) (Malta Police Force). One must add that he was further involved in special assignments, including the Egyptian Air hijack in November 1985, where he was part of a major clean-up after the disaster left by the Egyptian Commandos. After that Jovan was in charge of the Security team with the last remaining Hijacker, who was being treated in St. Luke’s Hospital, and also in charge of his escort to and from prison towards the improvised Courtroom at Fort St. Elmo. Furthermore, Jovan was chosen to read a course with the US Secret Service were he had specialized in Defensive Marksmanship and VIP Protection. Within a period of three years, he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant, were he was made in charge of Unit B of the same SMU, a position he had for about 5 years.

Jovan started to involve himself in the Nightclub Security business, as a Door supervisor, or as better known in those days as “bouncer”. He was the leading man, or the Chief Security, in most of the Venues he worked at. During this period, Nightclubs and Bars owners, used to hire, off duty Police Officers to maintain the peace and order in their locations, which, like everything else, had its cons and pros. In this field, Jovan, clearly states that Door supervisors and Event security, require special training and skills, and is adamant against the fact that Nightclub owners hire anybody who is considered a thug. Throughout these years, Jovan learnt how to protect life and limb, having to deal with a variety of types of situations and cultures, inducing him to adopt a versatile approach in his attitude, thus creating a safe environment.
Joseph John Grech is also entrusted with the office of the National Director of IBA Malta (International Bodyguard Association) since the year 2003. I.B.A. is the largest and most prestigious Bodyguard training organization in the world. IBA provides the highest level of training to Military, Police and Civilian Bodyguards. Joseph John achieved various diplomas in the Close Protection field, such as ‘Threat Management’ ‘Body guarding Skills’ ’IED Searches’ and ‘Counter Surveillance’ amongst others. Further than representing the association, Joseph John is an instructor, qualified to give specialized training and helping bodyguards to develop professional skills. He is also responsible for holding courses and seminars on behalf of the association.

For these last 10 years, Jovan’s vision to improve the security aspect in the leisure industry, has been high on his agenda. He is the founder of the first Security Company in providing Door staff to Nightclubs and the popular Parties. His zeal and competence in this aspect was, in a way, misinterpreted and for a reason or another, this company had to be terminated. In his character, Jovan is a “Die Hard” person, and when he sets his mind on a particular goal he is determined to achieve it.  This has led him to create a much better set up, which expanded to form ‘Signal 8 Security Services Malta Ltd, a company with a clear vision to better the security industry in general.

Signal 8 Security has been granted the Company Membership with the International Bodyguard Association by the General Director ‘The Baron James Shortt of Castleshort’ affirming the quality and professionalism in the field of Body guarding. On 4th July 2008 established Signal 8 Security Offices and the Major Lucien Ott Institute commissioned as the I.B.A. South Mediterranean and North African Region Centre.

Signal 8 Security have achieved an excellent reputation when delivering specialized security courses and is now considered as a unique institution in the country that offers training in Executive Protection. Signal 8 Security provides also training programs for law enforcement agencies, property and perimeter security for estates and businesses in general and custom designed security training for corporations.